Nana Christine Christiansen

Nana is an educated master rider, she owns Sandkildehus Dressage, and is responsible for the training and selling of the horses. 
She rides at Grand Prix level, and has a lot of experience riding young horses as well. She has been test rider of the Danish Warmblood stallions and mares some times now. 

Emma Elmkjær

Emma is the main groom in our stable. She is taking perfect care of the horses, and has a very good eye for the horses well being. Besides that she is a also a very good rider. 


In the stable we also have another groom, taking care of the feeding, the boxes, and taking th horses out on the field every day. And we also have a horsemanager student, who is helping with both the stable and the horses, and learning about everything you need to know about life with this type of horses. 

We also have a very good farrier, a fantastic saddlefitter and an amazing physiotherapist for both horse and rider. 

Teamwork makes the dream work.