We always have at least 12 horses under saddle, and they are all for sale. We do not have all of them on our webside, but we try to keep up. You can always text or call us, to find out if we have the horse for you. We have horses in a very wide price range. And only horses with quality and a good temper!

6yo gelding 

By Revolution/Hohenstein, 172, amazing quality! Training tempies, and piaffe from the ground. Super temper. Very good results no. 5 at Herning Horseshow as a 5yo. 

3yo licensed stallion

By Zackerey/Rivero III, 168. No weaknesses - three amazing paces. Amazing temper.  

3yo gelding

By Farrell/Sir Donnerhall 1, 173. Super easy to ride. Very good future ahead for this horse. 

3yo gelding

By Eye Catcher/Wilkens, 171. Three amazing paces and the best temper ever!

3yo Gelding

By Fusionist/Londontime. Very good hind legs! and amazing willingness to work. 

6yo gelding 

By Dreidimensional AT/FS Champion de Luxe, 148. Are you looking for a pony super ready to educate and ride at shows, this one is ready! Has been a licensed breeding stallion here in Denmark. 

4yo gelding

By Avagon/B/Show Star, 165. A horse ready to continue his education. Super walk! Sweet horse. Cheaper price.